The goal of the Bivouacs element is to provide a practical avenue to learn and practice fieldcraft and other skills from across the Cadet Program such as Leadership.  Cadets spend time out in the field practicing all types of fieldcraft, we have put a basic list and links together of equipment which is needed in the field.  This can be costly which is why we have teamed with Afterpay, this way we can break down the cost to parents given the state of the economy we understand that money is very important just like your children's life skills.

However, if you find you are even struggling to do Afterpay please send us an email and we can try and sort out some sort of layby system specifically for you.  I personally understand the importance of the cadet programs as I spent 5.5 years in the Australian Army and these skills helped focus my life in the right direction with family, work ethics and general people interactions.

Please note this is just suggestions, for further clarification get in contact with your cadet unit or scout group leaders.


Canteen Cup, used for heating up water for hot drinks such as tea or hot chocolate.  Also used for heating up meals from ration packs.  A couple of different options I will list below include the stainless steel style with or without a lid.  I do recommend the stainless steel style with a lid as everything heats up faster but I have just included a cheap option if needed:

Knife, fork and spoon set, this is a must in the field as you need something to eat and mix your food with.  Although some ration packs come with disposable utensils you don't want to be caught out without this essential item:

Hexamine Stove with heating tablets, used for all field cooking and also great to keep in your survival kit:

Canteen with pouch, usually most cadet units like at least 2 of these you each person all the time when in the field.  Please confirm with you cadet unit for clarification.  Also don't forget that your hexamine stock can fit in the front pocket of the canteen pouch, hope this helps with saving space:

Dixie Mess Kit, used for eating out of in the field or at the mess hall:

 Hoochie/Hutchie, used for weather protection for your sleeping bag and gear(most units perfer auscam, check with your cadet unit:

Hoochie Cord, now this has multipule purposes but mainly used for putting your hoochie up in the field, most cadet units prefer green but check with you unit:

Ground sheet, this can be used to lay under your sleeping bag or even as a light weather cover:

 Sleeping bags, here are a couple options as most units have a minimum of -5:

Notebook, used in the field to take notes and also relay orders to your section or platoon.  This is a must in your kit:

Notebook Cover, used to protect your notebook in the field but also good for keeping your navigation gear in as well if set out properly:

Viewee Twoee, this is an overlooked item for cadets who are new to this.  This is a must for protecting your completed notes and orders, helps keeping things organised and protected against the weather in the field:

Watch, yes everyone needs to be able to keep an eye on the time out in the field.  Chances are you will be on sentry/picket duty and you don't want to be stuck there all night:

Cadet boots, a must for cadets to keep your feet protected against nature:

Socks, always keep an extra pair of socks handy in the field.  As a ex-army soldier I understand the importance of looking after your feet, nothing worse than blisters or walking in wet socks.  When you stop for a 10 minute rest, take one boot and sock off to air your foot out then at the next rest break do the other foot:

Backpack, this needs to be able to fit all your field gear in.  So really have a think about how big a pack you want to take into the field:


Make sure you have a full list of what is required for your Biv, below is more examples of what to take without links, feel free to have a look around our website and we hope you enjoy your time in the field:

DPCU shirt and trousers






Tea towel


Tent pegs

Sleep wear

Garbage bags for dirty/wet clothing

Torch plus spare batteries

Pocket knife or multitool

pen/pencil and eraser


Insect repellent

Blister tape


First Aid Kit

Sewing Kit

Baby wipes(yes these are gold out bush)


Inflatable matress or Xpe mat

Toiletries and a bag with ziplock bags for wet items such as toothbrush

Washing powder


Webbing belt

M-83 assault vest

Ration packs if not provided or even as extra if you get hungry a lot