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Cadet Hydration and Cooking Bundle

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Canteen with Pouch Auscam

Perfect for military, cadets, outdoor events, emergency services, sporting events and camping

The canteen is BPA free and the canteen pouch has a fleece lining in the main compartment plus a front pocket which you can put your hexamine stove in

Nylon webbing

PALS friendly

Heavy duty 900D 2 coats PU fabric

3 drainage eyelets

Stainless Steel Kidney Cup

This military style kidney cup is made from heavy gauge stainless steel

Non-reflective matte finish

Folding butterfly handles

Hexamine Stove with Tablets

A hexamine stove is great, efficient way to boil water or cook a meal.

Hexamine has been used by the military for years and is still the most reliable and cheap alternative to spending lots of money on camping.

This great little stove is an excellent addition to your field kit, for camping or fishing trip.  This is definitely a must for cadets!

Simply fold out the legs, light a fuel tablet and put your cooking pot or mess tin on top.

Comes with a pack of 8 fuel tablets