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Caring Hands Light Horse Figurine

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Throughout the Great War the 1st AIF relied heavily on horsepower to function. Duties of the horses ranged from transporting supplies, communications, artillery and of course – The Light Horse. The welfare of these mounts was paramount to the success of any operation and indeed the smooth running of the entire corps.  The ability of the horses to carry their out tasks was of utmost importance and as such their condition was closely monitored, for as the ancient Greek’s said “No hoof. No horse”  

The feed, health and comfort of our trusted mounts was a massive endeavour on its own, but the vital part of the process was to fall upon the rider. Yes, the Waler’s Mate. The connection between the horse and his rider is like no other, as the trust and feeling between them is built up over time through their training and times of conflict. 

It is from this bond and what we call mateship a deep feeling of caring and admiration is developed.    

 Limited to 5,000 Castings worldwide 


Height: 24cm

Width: 15.5cm

Length: 28.5cm