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Crossing the Line Emerald Shellback Figurine

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The Crossing the Line Emerald Shellback Figurine is a monument to maritime mastery and the rarest of achievements. Embrace the mystique of seafaring legends with this magnificent 150mm masterpiece. Crafted from cold cast bronze and adorned in antique gold, it pays homage to Neptune's majestic rise from the ocean depths. An emerald green glass sphere clutched in Neptune's hand adds an exquisite touch of rarity and symbolism to this unique figurine, mounted proudly on a finely detailed timber block. The Crossing the Line Emerald Shellback Figurine captures the essence of Neptune's realm and your unique bond with the ever-rolling sea, an enduring memento that commemorates your place among the most distinguished ranks of Emerald Shellbacks.


Colour: Antique gold

Material: Cold cast bronze

Dimensions: Figurine 150mm x 160mm, Base: 50mm x 175mm