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Crossing the Line Emerald Shellback Medallion in Case

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The Crossing the Line Emerald Shellback Medallion is a tribute to nautical tradition and triumph. Crafted with precision and centuries of seafaring legacy, this 48mm medallion is resplendent in antique gold plating and adorned with captivating emerald-green enamel.

A Journey Rooted in History:

The Crossing the Line ceremony for Emerald Shellback is a proud tradition of the Royal Australian Navy. This crossing takes place where the equator intersects with the international date line in the Pacific Ocean.

The Obverse:

The obverse of the medallion features Neptune, the mythical god of the sea, rising from the depths of the ocean. With his trident and regal authority, Neptune presides over the waves. A scroll etched with "IMPERIUM NEPTUNI REGIS" reinforces Neptune's dominion.

The Reverse:

The reverse side of the medallion celebrates the Crossing the Line tradition. The outer rim proclaims "ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP" and "EMERALD SHELLBACK." In the centre, text announces the remarkable equatorial crossing. Below, a plinth allows for personal engraving, and text proclaims the induction into the Royal domain of NEPTUNUS REX.

The Crossing the Line Emerald Shellback Medallion embodies the spirit of the sea, representing camaraderie, bravery, and triumph.