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Crossing the Line Golden Shellback Medallion in Blister Pack

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Embrace the Prestige of the Golden Shellback: The Crossing the Line Shellback Medallion

Journey into the ancient maritime tradition of 'Crossing the Line' ceremonies with the Golden Shellback Medallion, a symbol of honour and a testament to your maritime prowess. This 48mm medallion, meticulously antique gold-plated, is a tangible connection to a time-honoured custom that the Royal Australian Navy and sailors worldwide hold dear.

An Ancient Tradition Anew:

The Crossing the Line ceremony finds its origins in the depths of nautical history, a tradition born from sailors' beliefs that crossing the equator was a treacherous venture, the domain of Neptune, God of the sea. This medallion rekindles the spirit of these centuries-old rituals and ceremonies, now in the esteemed ranks of the Royal Australian Navy.

The Majestic Obverse:

Upon the medallion's obverse, you will behold a dramatic three-dimensional image of Neptune himself, rising from the ocean depths, his trident poised for the ritual. Beneath him, a scroll bears the etched words, "IMPERIUM NEPTUNI REGIS," signifying Neptune's imperial rule over the sea and the sacred rites that accompany it.

The Symbolic Reverse:

On the reverse side, the outer rim is inscribed with the words "ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP" at the top and "GOLDEN SHELLBACK" at the bottom. In the centre, a plinth stands ready to be personalised through engraving, allowing you to etch your name, date, or other meaningful details. Above the plinth, the medallion carries protruding text that reads, "To all polliwogs and landlubbers, Know ye, that on..." marking your induction into the esteemed ranks of the Golden Shellbacks.

As you hold the Golden Shellback Medallion, you're not just embracing a cherished naval tradition; you're connecting with the mariners of old who undertook this sacred rite of passage. You carry with you the spirit of the sea and the camaraderie of the Golden Shellbacks, proudly displaying your journey across Neptune's realm where the equator meets the international date line in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It's a symbol of honour and respect.