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Ensign Flag Embroidery Velcro Backed Patch Multicam

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Velcro backed RAAF Ensign woven onto an Multicam background.

80 x 50mm

An ensign is a military or naval flag indicating nationality.

The Royal Australian Air Force Ensign was approved in its current form by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1981, and proclaimed an Australian flag by His Excellency the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1982.

This made the Ensign the Battle Ensign of the Air Force, meaning it must be treated with dignity and respect worthy of Air Force's proud history.

History of the Ensign
When the Australian Flying Corps became the Royal Australian Air Force on 31 March 1921, it was decided to have an Ensign that reflected the national identity of our military aircraft, with a distinctive roundel (the circular symbol).

The Ensign was formally approved by the Air Board and Minister for Defence on 10 August 1921, however it was not processed for Royal approval. As such, the Royal Air Force Ensign (which is light blue with a large red, white and blue roundel) was adopted by the Royal Australian Air Force without change until 1948.  

The Royal Air Force Ensign

In 1948, it was decided to have an Ensign that would better reflect an Australian identity, so the Southern Cross and the Commonwealth Star were added and the Roundel reduced in size. This design was granted Royal approval in October 1948.