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SoG 11 Set of Six Limited Edition Medallions

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The stunning Sands of Gallipoli 2011 release Six Limited Edition Medallions Set. The Aussie tradition of extraordinary service and looking out for your mates started in the Boer War. It was enhanced at Gallipoli and shines brightly today. Helping your mate is not restricted to any one campaign. Indeed, it is a trait that seems to flow in the veins of Diggers in every campaign. One of these Diggers was Simpson, the Man with the Donkey, at Anzac Cove. The bravery shown by John Simpson Kirkpatrick soon became one of the most prominent symbols of Australian courage and tenacity at Gallipoli. Instructed to recover and assist the wounded, he used a donkey to carry men down from the front line, often exposing himself to fire. Simpson was twice nominated for the Victoria Cross, the highest medal for bravery, but sadly, the award was twice refused due to misunderstandings. No doubt each and every soldier throughout the proud history of Australian military service has had a story to tell; a story of ordinary men and women providing extraordinary service. Stories that tell of the bond of mateship, the highs and the lows, the courage and fear, and those they lost. These important contributions to our history are to be passed on and shared through the generations. This collection pays tribute to the ordinary Digger who gives extraordinary service. This limited edition set Housed in a timber finish display case this set features six proof medallions, a replica 1904 Rising Sun hat badge and a vial of Gallipoli sand. 220mm Wide X 295mm High. No more than 2500 sets will be released. Each set comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.