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The Memory of Sandakan - Borneo 1945 Figurine

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This figurine, commemorating the Sandakan prisoner of war camp in Borneo, pays tribute to the Australian and British victims of Japanese brutality in World War II. A solemn promise to remember the truth, it stands for all nations who lost loved ones to the cruelty of Japanese camps. The Sandakan POW camp, infamous for the death marches in 1945, marked one of the greatest atrocities against Allied POWs in the Asia-Pacific theatre. Of the 2,434 prisoners, only six Australians survived. The forced marches, marked by starvation and brutality, ended in Ranau, where survivors faced execution. The atrocities continued even after the official Japanese surrender.


Colour: Antique bronze

Material: Cold cast bronze

Dimensions: 19.5cm x 14cm x 28cm

Limited-Edition Volume: 1000